1. Responsible person and address


Global Education Resources Solution, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Global-ERS”), located in Puebla, Mexico , according to the provisions set forth under Article 15 of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Particulars (hereinafter the “Law”) shall be liable to handle, use, store and transfer either sensitive or insensitive, personal information. Such information shall include: Full name; copy of an official identification with photo (passport, voter’s identification card, professional license); age; date of birth; copy of Birth Certificate; address; copy of proof of address; copy of military service certificate (if applicable); marital status; copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable); nationality; copy of migratory document (if applicable); email; home phone number, work phone number, cell phone number; copy of the taxpayer number; copy of Population Registry Code (CURP); social security number; copy of the Mexican Institute of Social Security card; level of studies indicating school; certificate of academic degree or proof of studies; certificate or proof of language domain; employee number; copy of registration, dismiss, or modification of wages of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS); contact information in case of emergency; résumé; proof of previous employment; contact information to notify in case of emergency; copy of registration to AFORE; copy of proof of mortgage loans (INFONAVIT), recommendation letters, and/or documents that according to applicable Labor Laws are required. Additionally, the list of sensitive Personal Information needed that we shall handle and/or transfer that requires special protection is: Employee category and title, salary, payments and deductions; bank accounts information; change of work position level; copy of proof of payments from last job; photograph; personal references; information related to the spouse, number of children, beneficiaries or economic dependents, including full name, date of birth and identification information; information regarding employee performance; health condition; suffered or suffering illness; allergies; blood group; results from medical exams; medical evidence of illness treatments (hereinafter “Personal Information”).
Therefore, Global-ERS is bound to keep your personal information with the highest legal, technological and administrative security levels. Likewise, it undertakes to not sell, lease, share or disclose your Personal Information to third parties with unlawful purposes.


2. Object


The object of this Privacy Policy is to protect your Personal Information, through which such Personal Information shall receive legal, controlled and informed handling, setting up purposes for which your Personal Information is going to be used, as well as methods to carry out your rights derived from Law, in order to guarantee your privacy, together with your right to the informative self-determination.
Global-ERS as responsible to handle your Personal Information, is bound to comply with lawfulness, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility principles overseen by Law. For such reason, according to the provisions set forth under article 13 and 14 of the Law, Global-ERS is obliged to carry out reasonable actions to limit the period of Personal Information handling, as well as to maintain strict confidentiality of your Personal Information, to keep administrative, technical and physical security measures that can protect such information against any damage, loss, steal, alteration, access or non-authorized handling.
For Global-ERS, handling your Personal Information in a legal manner and in compliance with the Law becomes a priority matter. This Privacy Policy complements any other simplified or short privacy policies that Global-ERS had given to you for being owner of your Personal Information and becomes supplementary for anything that is not expressly mentioned in such policies.


3. Purposes


Upon completing any of our forms, emailing your Personal Information to Global-ERS and/or through physical delivery of such information, you accept and authorize Global-ERS to use and handle automatically your Personal Data and supplied information, which shall become part of our database due to internship or practical training with Global-ERS clients, having the following primary purposes:


  • Advice for personnel recruitment, selection and -as the case may be- hiring.
  • Advice to comply with obligations arising from a current or future labor
  • relationship with the clients of Global-ERS.
  • Integrate and manage internship files.
  • Incorporate medical files.
  • Perform internal audits.
  • Preparation of database for Global-ERS.
  • Verify personal and labor references.
  • Provision of services to third parties by Global-ERS.
  • Send notices regarding changes to this Privacy Policy.
  • Performing interviews, which can be personal, by phone, or electronically.
  • Carry out technical, trust, medical, socioeconomic and psychometric tests.
  • Handle legal requirements of competent authorities.
  • Sending information, communications related to job offers.


Likewise, Global-ERS shall respectively handle your Personal Information for the following secondary purposes:


  1. Professional references to others.


Handling your Personal Information shall include marketing strategies, publicity and/or benefit programs for employees, in which Global-ERS has direct or indirect participation, whether in Mexico or in another country.
In the event that you do not wish that your Personal Information would be handled for the aforementioned secondary purposes, from this moment on you can notify it to us, or -given the case- you have a period of time of 5 (five) working days to inform us that you decline that we handle or use your Personal Information for the aforementioned secondary purposes through the method indicated in item 7 of this Privacy Policy.
It is important to mention that Global-ERS is not responsible for the truthfulness or accurateness of Personal Information and/or sensitive information provided by you, since such information has not been previously validated and/or verified.


4. Obtaining Personal Information and its temporality


Temporality of your Personal Information handling shall be for the period of time on which the legal relation between you and Global-ERS exists. Such time shall be extended if it is required by the applicable Mexican Legislation. You may deny this at any moment that you consider convenient according to the method indicated in item 7 of this Privacy Policy, or -as the case may be- upon such Personal Information has become unnecessary for the compliance with purposes foreseen in this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal provisions. Afterwards they shall be destroyed in order to avoid wrongful use, according to the provisions set forth under Article 11, Second Paragraph of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Particulars.
Global-ERS shall obtain your Personal Information through digital means such as electronic communication established with Global-ERS, as well as by mailing, business cards, telephone, physical and/or electronic filled forms.
Likewise, Global-ERS informs you that it does not obtain Personal Information automatically through cookies or “web beacons”.


5. Transfer


Your Personal Information shall be shared within and outside the United Mexican States with customers, suppliers, service renderers of Global-ERS and their customers, suppliers and service renderers, which shall oversee minimally the provisions stipulated in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, Global-ERS will not use your Personal Information for different purposes or reasons other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy.
For all of the above reasons, you expressly accept and authorize Global-ERS to carry out the transfer of your Personal Information whether within or outside the territory of the United Mexican States in order to comply with the purposes established in item 3 of above. Similarly, Global-ERS shall carry out a transfer of Personal Information in the following cases:


  1. To a third party arising from a corporate restructure, including fusion, consolidation, sale, liquidation or transfer of assets.
  2. To a third party that provides services in Mexico or abroad working together with Global-ERS for the purposes established in this Privacy Policy.
  3. Professional recommendations to third parties who are interested in services rendered by the owner of the Personal Information.



6. Modifications


This Privacy Policy may be amended, changed or updated at any moment, due to new legal requirements, due to Global-ERS necessities for privacy policies and practices, due to a change on the business model or for any other reasons. In the event that Global-ERS needs to make any amendment to the Privacy Policy, it shall inform you through any of the following means:


  1. Notices published in Global-ERS address or premises.
  2. Publications in the Global-ERS web page at: “Privacy Policy” section
  3. E-mail sent to the email address provided by the Personal Information owner.
  4. Publications issued by Global-ERS -as the case may be- either through physical, electronic or digital means.
  5. Any other public or private communication mean determined conveniently by Global-ERS in accordance to the Law.



7. Process to exercise “ARCO” rights


According to the provisions set forth under the Law, you are entitled to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO) to handle your Personal Information, by making an email request to
In compliance with Article 29 of the Law, such request shall contain the following information:


  1. Your name, address or another mean to inform you the answer to your request.
  2. Documents that confirm your identity or, given the case, legal representation of the person carrying out such request on your behalf.
  3. Clear and accurate description of Personal Information respect of which you seek to exercise any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  4. Any other element or document that makes easier to locate and identify your Personal Information.


In the event to request rectification of your Personal Information, additionally you shall indicate the modifications to be carried out and provide necessary official documents that support your request.
You shall receive an answer to your request within 20 (twenty) working days from the effective date when your request was received, and as the cases established by Law this period of time shall be extended for another 20 (twenty) days. If it proceeds, all the approved measurements shall be carried out to comply with your request, which shall be carried out within 15 (fifteen) working days following the date the respective answer was informed.

Global-ERS shall deny access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to handle Personal Information in the following cases:


  1. Applicant is not the owner of Personal Information or his/her legal representative is not duly authorized by the owner of Personal Information.
  2. Personal Information of applicant is not found in Global-ERS database.
  3. Rights of a third party are damaged.
  4. Legal impediment or resolution from a competent authority that restricts access to Personal Information, or does not allow rectification, cancellation or opposition of such information.
  5. ARCO rights had been previously exercised by the owner of Personal Information or his/her representative.



8. Consent revocation


You shall revoke your consent to handle your Personal Information. However, it is important to take into consideration that not in all cases Global-ERS shall handle your request or terminate its use immediately, since it is possible that due to any legal obligation, Global-ERS require to keep handling your Personal Information. Likewise, you shall consider that for some purposes, revoking your consent implies termination of the commercial relation with Global-ERS. To revoke your consent, you shall request it according to the provisions set forth under item 7 of this Privacy Policy.
We inform you that any complaint or additional information regarding the handling of your Personal Information or question concerning the Law, you shall address it to the National Institute of Transparency, Information Access and Personal Data Protection (INAI).




By entering and using the website you declare that you are understanding and accepting the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Notice and expressly grant your acceptance and consent using electronic media for this purpose.

If you do not fully and completely accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice, you must refrain from providing any type of personal data to Global-ERS by any means including its website, therefore, if you do not express your opposition to the handling of your personal data, it will be understood that you have given your consent for it.

In case that you accept these terms and / or provide to Global-ERS your personal data, such action will be considered as your absolute and express acceptance of the Privacy Notice published on the website at the time in which you provide your personal data and / or in which you have access or availability to this Privacy Notice.